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Hi Kim,

Thanks to you, your sweet invitation and your inspirational teaching style, I had more energy this weekend then I have had in years and I am not exaggerating at all! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts with me. We are both planning on coming to this Friday. ..... (Next day after massage) Can we move the massage out a bit? Once I awoke Saturday morning, I could tell that my shoulder was right as rain and it would therefore be preferable for me to reschedule the next massage for just after quarters end (because my stress level is sure to be back up there by then!)

Carver, MA
....By the way, my back pain has COMPLETELY disappeared. I continue to attribute its disappearance to the incredible massage you gave me! I'm absolutely amazed that the human body can be SO UNCOMFORTABLE (in pain!!!) yet heal so quickly and fully. I can't even conceive of how it felt to hurt so much, or even exactly where the pain was located.

Thanks again for your help in improving my condition, mentally and physically, through both the massage and the yoga. You've helped me grow to gain an awareness that I've not experienced before.... it's a tremendous thing for me to be learning at this time in my life. 

BrC, Mother
Cape Cod, MA
Dearest Kim,

Thank you for your loving care and for sharing your water energy with my by way of offering me the space to heal in your hands.

Love, C.P.
Harwich, MA
"True love knows no bargains. It is one-way traffic: giving, giving, giving."

Sri Swami Satchidananda

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