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It is born from the teachings of many mentors and students alike.

"Let the food be thy medicine And thy medicine be thy food." -  Hippocrates
The underlying principle is that the body is designed to heal itself. When it is out of balance, there is a loss of energy. This loss of equilibrium contributes to a weakness and vulnerability to illnesses arising from mental stress as well as physical abuse, poor eating habits, and poor lifestyle choices.
Today we are exposed to many toxic stressors from modern farming techniques that deplete soil and we are exposed to pesticides/herbicides, GMO's, etc. Aside from poor nutrition, so many have unrelenting demands on their time and resources and are left physically or emotionally exhausted or with dis - ease.
There is no One Way for everybody. Much like people enjoy different kinds of yoga, certain aspects of any information will resonate with you at different times or not at all. Allow yourself to be open and trust you will find what you need. Balance, awareness, and patience help ensure a great start and will keep you from the common pitfall of jumping onto the latest new trend.

Allow yourself to learn new ways of being or eating that work for you and your body. Avoiding extremes or strict food or health dogma is the Middle Way. It is my hope this page and its growing resources will help you to make empowered educated decisions.
"You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better."
- Maya Angelou
Check out updates often - links, articles and videos about alternative health choices and.... classical/therapeutic yoga techniques, meditation & pranayama, yoga for sports, depression, addiction, 'bad' backs', and many more uses for yoga!

Eastern & western approaches to massage/energy techniques that work for you, herbalism - basic culinary and more medicinal  /  Foraging around your yard or woods (you'll be surprised!). Alternative views on many subjects from your pets to your own well-being.
1. Stop putting poisons into the body
2. It takes 5-7 times as much nutrition to build and repair as it does to maintain.
3. Nothing in the human body heals in less than 3 months;
add one month for every year that you have been sick.
4. Have moderation in all things.
5. Make peace with nature.
6. Live closer to God (consciousness)
7. Take responsibility for yourself and your health.
8. Eat as much raw food as possible.
9. Exercise regularly the rest of your life.
10. Practice and learn to understand completely Hering's Law of cure, which is, "All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared."
On a basic level, modern food processing of our food supply has rendered much of it devitalized and even toxic. Support your local Farmer' Markets (google extension services)

Site Under Development - please check back frequently for updates. Garden & healthy Food availability - basics:  (Also google "Food, Inc",  "InGREEDients", many more..)
Much like the yogic teachings about your Breath,
'each moment is ripe to begin anew'.
So take a nice deep inhale, relax on your exhale
 and remember,  "You are what you eat!"
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