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I enjoyed the trail hike and yoga yesterday. It was beautiful to walk peacefully and mindfully through the trails. I loved doing our warm-up stretches outside on the trails using the trees and nature to bring focus and quiet just before the hike. Thank you for asking everyone to remain quiet while we hiked. It allowed me to go inward, hear the birds, feel the breeze and hear the water lapping on the water's edge. You picked a great trail too! I enjoyed the combination of being in the woods and also near the waters edge of the pond. Ah... and the yoga class just added more bliss to to my mind and body. It was a great way to stretch out and open our bodies  after doing the hike. Thank you for your thoughtful approach to your classes - you provide a safe space for students to go inward, feel peaceful and connect to their inner self. When can we go again?

 PR, Centerville
I had the pleasure of studying and practicing yoga with Ms. Kim Hudson when she taught at Tenley Sport and Health in Washington, D.C. She has a very warm personality and a gentle, empathetic approach to teaching.  Prior to instruction, I had some serious limitations due to a surgical replacement in my neck.  I discussed the situation with Kim and she quickly modified her routine.  Not only did the format insure my safety, but empowered me by allowing for complete participation without being singled out.

I miss her presence, sensitivity, and humor, and I am confident that wherever Kim teaches, the students will adore her and look forward to her classes, just as I did.

Sincerely, Susan
Glen Echo, MD

The more I try different modalities, the more I realize how brilliant of a Yoga instructor you are! Somehow, you blended Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga and everything else into one class! It blows me away now that I have been out there exploring different classes. You have a beautiful gift and talent.

Cotuit, MA
Dear Kim,

I wanted to tell you how much our Monday night Yoga class has meant to me. When I first came to class, I was really out of touch with my body and my shoulder was painful all of the time. Your guidance and encouragement has helped me regain a connection to my body (and soul). Our class has been a highlight of my week and I feel refreshed, relaxed and energized. I've tried enough other teachers to know you are special and I am grateful for all you shared last year.

Namaste, L.A.
Osterville, MA
It's not often you meet someone who has such a serenity and calmness about them, even as the world they work in becomes more demanding, less patient and increasingly intolerant of those who "get in touch with themselves."  But Kim Hudson is that person - not that she doesn't get stressed or have anxieties about life - but she has done the hard work at finding the things that give her quiet, that give her serenity.  One of those things is yoga.

Now, not all of us can appreciate yoga and often think of it as a room full of people sitting cross legged humming in a monotone and giving a group hug when class is over.  Kim dispelled that notion for a lot of folks here and allowed us to share, even for a short time, the secret to our own stash of calm and quiet.  She taught us the benefits of simple breathing -  in with the good, out with the bad.  She taught us the benefits of letting go of the stresses of the day, the challenges, the difficult decisions, the bad relationship - for an hour each week.  We could all let go of who we thought we needed to be to get through our work day and simply be who we were - folks looking to sigh away our troubles, renew our energy and restore our souls.  Kim did that for us and even though I'd never done yoga before, I felt no shame in my beginner status, no embarrassment at not having a clue what "Namaste" meant or how to pronounce it, no fear in exposing my lack of flexibility or balance, no problems with breathing loudly and with purpose.  She provided us with the tool to find the confidence to feel safe, comfortable and free.

I will miss her soothing sighs - loud and freeing, and her gentle words urging us to do the same.  She brought me one step closer to finding the quiet within myself and I will forever be grateful for that gift.

Shannon, Corporate Controller
Washington, DC
Dear Patricia,

The yoga teacher (Kim Hudson) at my health club here in DC is moving to Massachusetts. This is breaking the hearts of everyone in the class since she is so good. Regardless of the varied level of yoga expertise in the class (starting at the bottom with me) she is able to make everyone leave her classes feeling absolutely wonderful! She would like to teach yoga in Cambridge after she moves there. Do you have any suggestions for her how to get started building a clientele? Do we need a terrific yoga teacher at our offices in Cambridge? Her email is

Michael, General Counsel
Bethesda, MD
Kim Hudson is truly passionate about yoga and her enthusiasm is contagious.  Her class is easy to follow.  Kim is a patient instructor aware of different abilities and helps those who want to move on to more challenging poses do so and those that want to take their time do so as well.  Kim strongly encourages the class to focus on themselves, and not to compare or compete with others, which creates a high level of comfort.  Her class helps dissolve tensions and is very therapeutic.

Kelley, Analyst
Washington, DC
I am a 50+ procrastinator who had a single experience with yoga two years ago, loved it and said to myself, "I really ought to do that regularly," but never did.  It was not until Kim offered an after-hours class at work that I managed to try it again. In our class, the participants ranged from those who had never tried yoga, to those who were quite expert.  Kim always showed us the alternatives for easier and harder variations on the positions, and she always warned us against common mistakes that she had observed elsewhere. Because of Kim, I intend to continue with my yoga classes.

Donna, Senior Developer
Washington, DC
Kim Hudson brought yoga to our company as an extra-curricular activity for employees, although now it has become a way of life for our employees.  Kim is an excellent instructor and showed some thirty employees about the Vinyassa Power Yoga method.   Most employees were beginners but all left feeling a sense of empowerment of how to control the effect of stress in their lives.  This yoga class was so powerful that employees chose to continue with yoga as an after-work activity even though Kim is leaving the Bank.

This class also helps the Bank achieve one of its commitments to our wellness program.  Because we now offer yoga classes and other health conscious programs, we are able to see a 6% reduction on our health benefits rate each year.

Our employees were so committed to yoga and Kim was such a dedicated teacher, that employees paid for the classes through a donation to the Calvary Women's Services, a local shelter for homeless women.  In this small way, yoga helped our employees to a road to better health and helped the homeless women of the Washington metropolitan area.

Michele, Managing Director, Human Resources
Washington, DC

I am so grateful to you for introducing me to the world of yoga at the very time in my life when I needed to find a fresh way to get centered.  I wasn't at all sure what I was getting myself into and will admit to butterflies before the first class began.  You, however, are a natural teacher and I found your calm, soothing teaching style very quickly drew me into the yoga poses and away from my anxious state of mind.  I could feel the day's stress drop away.  I believe that yoga instruction is a natural calling for you and that many students in Boston will benefit from your intuitive teaching skills and the positive influence of your steady soul.

Hunter, Senior Communications Manager, Marketing Communications
Washington, DC
Let me know if you have any suggestions for my journey :)  Thanks again. Your teaching here has truly been a catalyst for change in my life. I cannot believe how much better my allergies and mood are after starting to do Yoga consistently. Take care.

Heather, Vice President, Human Resources & Training
Washington, DC

Thank you again for donating your time for the Yoga classes after work. The classes were a great way to end stressful days on a positive and constructive note. And, your teaching style made it especially easy and fun to learn. Good luck in Boston!

Charity, Director of Communications
Washington, DC
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